The operation in vienna during the varicose veins laser

The operation of the intervention of varicose veins is warranted in the absence of positive reaction of the organism on the conservatives of the methodology. The second reason for the failure of the methods will become the acute form of the disease.

The doctor, on the basis of the results of the survey, will choose the optimal type of surgical intervention.

Existing varieties of surgery

the operation in vienna

At the acute form of the disease, when clinically confirmed threat to the life and health of a patient, a man hospitalized. The operation of the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. After its completion, it should be of long period of rehabilitation. Often, there are complications, therefore, even after the completion of the rehabilitation the patient is placed under the supervision of a doctor. If the pathology observed at an early stage, the doctor may prescribe a minimally invasive operation. This is the procedure that does not require a material breach of the integrity of the tissues.

Innovative surgical development, which has received the name of a operation for a day", are deemed to be the absence of complications. The patient should not a few weeks of being in hospital. The duration of the rehabilitation of 72 hours.

The list of benefits of minimally invasive operations will continue below the facts:

  • the patient does not need general anesthesia;
  • minimum length of stay in hospital;
  • on the surface of the skin are no more than 3 perforations, which accelerates the healing of tissue;
  • the operation of the intervention is not associated with the syndrome.

In spite of almost 100% in the absence of negative consequences, prior to the appointment of minimally invasive operation the physician performs a number of tests. Their objective is to determine how well the body transports assigned to the procedure.

Mini-phlebectomy according to the method of Vardi

The doctor removes the damaged vienna, which makes the surface of the skin up to 3 perforations. The operating time of the procedure varies from 30 to 50 minutes. This method of treatment medic means in the case of the following witness:

  • a position varicose veins of varicose veins (area of the lip, of the person, stop);
  • in a patient diagnosed with thrombophlebitis of the higher type;
  • a maximum of large varicose trunks.

Another reason for the target of the operation by the method of Verdi – the presence in the patient of the nodes, which are located near cutan cover.


The foundation for the target of the operation – the presence of precise localization of the pathology. The procedure is assigned to patients who were diagnosed I and phase II of varicose veins. The essence of the surgery is to introduce into the vein of a special substance in the liquid state or in sparkling form. Once a substance is found in the interior, it is literally corrupted by the site.

Coagulation using a laser

The methodology is characterized by the rapidity, the absence of pain and ability to prescribe a patient from the hospital later than 3 hours after the end of the operation. The essence of the procedure of the points of impact of the laser beam on the affected area of vienna. Properly chosen, the thermal influence generates a small blood clot, which a few months later replaced by connective tissue.

The task of the doctor is necessary, as accurately as possible to configure the settings of the laser beam. Even a small mistake will cause a burn injury followed by tissue necrosis. In this regard, the laser therapy is now rarely used.

The use of surgery, radio-frequency

Technique is illustrated in the case where the use of a laser, or any other way to repair the damage is not possible. The procedure is characterized by a speed and a minimum probability of developing complications. The list of advantages of the said method, the physicians consider the lack of burns and scars. Wireless operation of the intervention occur in the following manner:

  • pre-SONOGRAPHY of the vessels;
  • the mark on the surface of the skin of the plots that will be affected during the procedure;
  • the patient lies on the operating table;
  • on the surface of the skin causes a composition disinfectant;
  • perform a spot of puncture of the vein;
  • in the hole, inserted a catheter, which comes to the point, which is the subject of a subsequent treatment;
  • local product of treating the pain;
  • the doctor uses a heating element, whose length is 7 cm;
  • holes remove the catheter and the heating element, after which the damaged part is restored.

All steps are controlled by the computer. The system in the automatic mode chooses the optimum temperature of the impact. No later than 1 hour after the completion of the mini-invasive procedure, patients can walk.

The use of steam

the treatment of varicose veins

The chronic form of varicose veins leads to the fact that the vessels acquire a curved shape. Use of other minimally invasive methods is physically impossible. The steam technology has many advantages. In the list of those to walk with a minimum duration of the rehabilitation period, the absence of side effects and burning. The last point is relevant in this case, if the doctor chose the right options. The action of the steam the damaged portion shrinks.

The application of biologic glue

In the case where normalize the damaged part of vienna is impossible, but for the removal of the reasons for non-use of biological glue. The medic is the product of several incisions, through which he manages to pick up the valves on the damaged areas.

Choose the best type of surgery

The last word belongs to your doctor, whose task it is to objectively evaluate the state of health of the patient. Medic will inform the patient, that the choice in favor of one or the other type of surgery depends on the clinical presentation. The universal solutions is not here, therefore, the therapeutic choice of the methodology of the man in a white coat is based on the symptoms.

Types of surgery:

The type of surgery In what cases is it justified The likelihood of developing complications
Biological glue Used when repair of the damaged portion is impossible. Low
The use of steam Used when the patient is diagnosed the wide network of the damaged veins. Average (if you select a doctor characteristics of the material, which produce effects on the vienne).
The radiofrequency surgery Situations of the damaged veins is too much to the surface of the skin. Price
Special coagulation Rarely used. In most cases, the doctor prescribes a less traumatic operation. High if poorly chosen the power of the laser.
Sclerotherapy Varicose veins door surface. Price
Mini phlebectomy In a patient diagnosed with atypical find-affected veins. Other methods of exploitation to use is not possible. The average

When you select the type of surgery, the physician must ensure that the benefits of both the more potential negativity which may occur after the end of the operation.