Tights during pregnancy: is it possible to wear

Before they were invented pantyhose, women, including pregnant women, were living without them. Modern fashion-industry, taking care of the beauty and comfort of women, offers styles of clothing, including tights pregnancy. And if they really need and what are the different products?

Is it possible to wear tights during pregnancy?

tights during pregnancy

Is it possible to wear tights when the pregnancy is a question of borders with the lie, because the tights when a pregnancy is also necessary, as in the rest of the time. This is not only clothes, but accessories, additional clothing and shoes. Transparencies of the product are the feet of the most beautiful and thinner, and it is extremely important for the good mood of the pregnant woman. Warm ensure comfort and the comfort, which is no less important.

The most economical solution of tights during pregnancy – ordinary, with a low waist and soft elastic. They are "under the belly". Menus for the more expensive, they contain the insert, able to "grow" with the increase of the uterus. Box make materials hydrophilic, usually in cotton or velvet, can ensure the heat transfer and microcirculation. In "winter" products advanced protect against the cold, your toes and heels.

The second type of products – compression is designed to prevent varicose veins. In choosing them, should not be guided by the advice of incompetent people, it is best to seek the advice of their physician or vein specialists, who, if necessary, to appoint the inquiry.

Some women feel perfectly well in the segments in the bottom and wear them in place of tights during pregnancy. They come in various models:

  • traditional;
  • with the belt and velcro closure;
  • with the opening of the socks (the heels);
  • with the silicone pocket and the tracery of the upper part.

The tights to wear during pregnancy?

The tights of the pregnancy, as at other times, they need to protect themselves against the cold, the feeling of warmth and comfort for the health of the feet. If you are experiencing problems with the vessels of the lower limbs requires tights. It is a compression known as tights, which relate to the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

What are the characteristics and the tights, you need to wear during pregnancy? At an early stage, just buy regular tights, only on the larger size. Later, the need for special products, and in the last quarter, perhaps, the prevention of compression.

  • The tights of the pregnancy, they should gently support the growing belly. Therefore, the prior applies elastic, more dense, but extends to the matter.
  • A cutting insert, due to the increase of the abdomen, and the wide elastic band.
  • Quality tights have flat seams or that don't have any. Volumetric seams to cause discomfort.
  • In the cold season, it is necessary to wear tights of wool or cotton.
  • It is advisable to check the information on the label of the manufacturer, the composition and the quality of the materials.

In the rest of this kind of linen to choose, as in ordinary cases. For the spring-summer period, slim fit product, for the cold season – dense. The more fine – 15-Denki, the maximum dense – 200 den. Nylon product won't stretch, but the model with the addition of lycra or polyamide offer enough flexibility.

How to wear tights during pregnancy?

This woman does tights just as something horrible. It is an add-on accessory to the set of clothes and shoes, then it should blend in with the color, texture and so on.

How to wear tights pregnancy, depends on fashion trends, and its own preferences. The women wear tights during pregnancy, under dresses, shorts and pants of various lengths (capri trousers). Tights with designs, shiny or matte, body, black or colorful, just perfect for the mom-to-be feel stylish and attractive.

But we cannot forget this period of comfort and security. This concerns in particular the cold season. At this time, need tights pregnancy dense of the invoice, with a good portion of natural wireless in the composition. These products are and under the dress of wool, and under pants.

Good tights are in the morning, when the swelling is minimal. You can pre-soak with optimistic upside. To avoid damage, remove the jewelry and treat a nail file the nails. You can even wear gloves delicate.

Then, it is necessary to enter a part of heels tights to the inside and insert the foot the foot. The upper part of the products are carefully spread over the whole of the leg and the thigh, align the wrinkles and folds. And implement and extend the upper part of the tights. If anywhere does not pull, and friction, all the parts of a practice "sit" in the article, tights worn properly.

The tights pregnancy

Is not a secret that, in the period of gestation of the child, the likelihood of varicose veins increases considerably, and if the history has been observed such a problem, it intensifies, in particular during subsequent pregnancies. Contributes to hormone changes, a negative effect on the veins.

In this case, you must consult your doctor who will advise you certainly to wear compression tights during the pregnancy. It is elastic lingerie is a complementary framework for varicose veins, to distribute the pressure in the right direction, which allows the venous reflux is improving, and the future mother feels desired such a facility in the feet. This allows you to prevent unwanted veins.


Clothing and lingerie for pregnant women sell online, stores, and departments. By choosing antivarikozny tights, refer to at least three criteria: quality, practicality, natural. Given the fact that they don't stretch, you have to choose the size corresponding to individual measurements. Please note the following points:

  • The tights should not have stitches.
  • Safety equipment confirms the sign of the standard RAL.
  • A good choice knitted with braid cotton.
  • It is recommended to buy two pairs, one for the replace.
  • Expensive is not the best; the priority – a cloth of quality, regardless of cost.

Produce a compression of the product 4 classes; the first is suitable for the prevention, others apply to therapeutic purposes, for medical reasons. Their density is measured in millimeters of mercury.

For example, the first class is prescribed for women belonging to a risk group, the second during regular check-ups of pain and swelling, the third for the chronic diseases of type of thrombophlebitis. Complete information on these indicators, as indicated on the packaging, confirms the quality and originality of the product. The price is a few dollars to 100 dollars.

Slimming tights during pregnancy

At the beginning of the pregnancy, women go tights classic. When to them, it becomes uncomfortable, pass on the products of small size, of which the gum is in the lower part of the belly, or tights for the larger size. Menus for tights are recommended after five months duration.

Slimming tights during the pregnancy, even from time to time to wear, is not desirable. They disrupt the normal circulation of the lower limbs and pelvic organs, which has implications on the internal organs and the fetus. It receives not enough blood, and therefore oxygen, which leads to hypoxia. Continue to wear these tights hinders the development and the fetus, and the uterus.

Even non-pregnant and quite healthy women is not recommended to wear this lingerie more than 6 – 8 hours. Contra – indications - hypertension, angina pectoris, varicose veins, arrhythmia, exacerbation of pathologies female, tumors of different nature. Corrective tights need a woman after childbirth.

Nylon tights during pregnancy

The modern masters business bottom have long since learned to appeal to pregnant women. In the product range are the different varieties, including nylon tights during the pregnancy. However, be useful to know if these tights pregnancy, if they are made from synthetic?

Synthetic fabrics are beautiful and elegant, but the downside is that these tights do not let the air and the heat, the skin perspires overheating, submitted, inter alia, to the action of the microflora pathogenic. The most common problem occurs in such cases, is the lily of the valley.

But this is not the only complication resulting from the wear and tear of the capron. In the cold season, these products contribute to hypothermia and cause cystitis. The pain and burning sensation during urination, irrefutable symptoms of the inflammation, requiring a visit to the urologist.

Finally, the products of nylon can not do anything for women prone to varicose veins. If you take care of the prevention, the widening of the blood vessels venous can continue to pursue the woman of the rest of my life. And get worse during the next pregnancy.

Alternative – special products with orthopaedic problems and slimming effects. They reduce the negative effects of hormonal changes, increasing the volume and the mass of the mother and the fetus. Their higher price, compared with the usual, is nothing, indeed, is the preservation of the health, which you must take care of the youth.

Tights varicose veins during pregnancy

Why do you have tights varicose veins during pregnancy? If answer briefly, for the prevention of varicose veins. Physiological changes of the organism of pregnant women contribute to the pressure on the veins, preventing the reflux of the venous blood. Because of this, form expanding the blood vessels, leading to varicose disease.

The tights during pregnancy are doing very well, and the prevention of problems. During implementation the blood is distributed, the pressure of the deeper vessels of the surface improves the microcirculation, the nutrition of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The force crush is decreasing in the direction from the bottom to the top, "pushing" the flow of blood to the heart.

Therapeutic of the lingerie, you need to put on in the morning, still in bed, and do not remove all day. In order to avoid allergies it is necessary to wash the kids soap. After washing your tights keep their shape and quality, to dry on a horizontal plane. Some models do not seem as aesthetic as I would like, but you can find and beautiful products. All the more that the priority in this case, probably for comfort and practicality.

the bottom

The product models against varicose veins for pregnant women offer a comfortable fit thanks to the design in the area of the abdomen and of the manufacturing technology. In particular, some manufacturers use the ion-active silver, which eliminates odor and protect against micro-organisms. In Ukraine, they sell products of domestic manufacture, and also manufactured in Latvia, Germany, Italy, Poland, the UNITED states.

Tights during pregnancy is an essential piece. They are necessary and important, and, like all the rest, must match the new situation, to fully support the comfort and good mood of the future mother. On the market of accessories for women enough of these models. The choice is up to you, dear mothers.